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High revenue and Global coverage

We monetize banner traffic through our network of thousands direct advertisers, demand partners, DSPs, and major exchanges with highest possible eCPM rates.

Fast Payments

You can request withdrawal of your revenue anytime you want via PayPal (weekly payouts) or Bank Wire Transfer (net 10)

Simple integration

You just need to copy a few lines of HTML code and paste it in a visible part of your website.

Friendly Support

Our dedicated multilingual support team is always available to assist you in customizing, integrating, optimizing

Fast and accurate stats

Full access to advanced and easy to use reports which will help to appraise precisely the effectiveness of the ads.

Hight Rates

If you have high quality website we can offer 100% monetization of your inventory at maximum CPM rates

Multiple ad formats

We offer multiple ad formats. From premium ad units to standard display (728x90, 300x250, 160x600)

Display Advertisers

If you would like to buy our traffic we offer RTB linking at multiple platforms. This will enable you to bid on all of our traffic. If you are interested please send e-mail to [email protected]


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Questions & Answers is a leading RTB advertising platform. We combine the knowledge of experts to maximize both the revenues of advertisers and publishers.

  how can I make some money ?

After signup you will be able to login to Publisher account and simply copy the advertisement code. You will need to place it in a visible part of your website. When the advertisement starts to be displayed you will be generating the earnings.

  How much will I earn ?

Some publishers have a ratio of up to 10$ eCPM while others make only few cents. Publishers receive 70% of the revenue we generate on their sites. Earnings depend on many things such us: subject of your website, country of your visitors, place where advertisement are displaying and conversion for advertisers.

 When and how will I get my money? ?

We pay out our Publishers by PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer. A minimum payout is $10. Withdrawal requests are handled weekly.

  How can I close an account ?

In order to do so you should contact our consultants.

  I want to buy ADVERTISEMENT at your system ?

Conditions about placing and commissions are individually negotiated. Please contact us and our team will answer your question(s) immediately and show you initial conditions for your campaign. We are putting our effort to minimize the cost of your advertisement so that all actions are individually recognized.

  Why was my sign up rejected?

We reserve the right to reject a sign up form. We mostly reject websites which don't have any content, erotic websites, websites which have less then 1000 visitors per month, etc.

  How can I ban a given advert ?

Please contact us, by e-mail. We try answer within 24 hours.

  Can I put more than one banner code on a given site?

Yes, this is allowed.

  What's the cost ?

There is no charge or set up fees.